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Chewing tobacco fact sheet

Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheets
Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheets Introduction Smokeless tobacco products have been in Betel-quid chewing and tobacco chewing among the Bangladeshi community in the United

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Fact Sheet - Smokeless Tobacco
Fact Sheet - Smokeless Tobacco The two main types of smokeless tobacco in the United States are chewing tobacco and snuff. 1,2 Chewing tobacco comes in the form of

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Top Facts: Spit / Smokeless Tobacco
... Spit Tobacco Facts 1 There are two kinds of spit tobacco: snuff and chewing "Fact Sheet: Smokeless Tobacco. " Retrieved February 11,

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Chewing tobacco fact sheet
ADDICTIVE CANCER CAUSING NOT A SAFE ALTERNATIVE TO SMOKING Information About Chewing Tobacco 1. What is chewing tobacco? Chewing tobacco is one type of smokeless tobacco.

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Smokeless Fact Sheet (Read-Only)
Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheet Another form of tobacco is one that is called "Smokeless". Spit tobacco comes in two forms: snuff and chewing tobacco. Snuff can be either

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cigarettes , chewing tobacco & snuff: state excise tax laws fact sheet: cigarettes, chewing tobacco

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Nicotine Fact Sheet
Nicotine Fact Sheet Nicotine is found in cigars, cigarettes, cigarette butts, chewing tobacco (including spit from chewing tobacco) and nicotine gum or patches.

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A 5-Day Plan to Get Ready
Quit Tobacco Series #9 CHEWING TOBACCO FACTS Chewing Tobacco Statistics é Chew tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarettes. It can be just as addictive as

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Tobacco Chewing Fact Sheet
Tobacco Chewing Fact Sheet Why is tobacco so addictive? Why is it so hard to stop using spit tobacco? Smokeless tobacco/spit tobacco (snuff) addicts easily because of

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Fact Sheet #6 Tobacco Use
Fact Sheet #6 Tobacco Use Tobacco Use Special points of interest: ? By age 17 almost 70% Males three times more likely than females to use chewing tobacco snuff or dip. 96.8

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